Hi, I’m Karissa! I’m a 20-something foodie want-to-be living in northern Minnesota.

Growing up, I would have probably been voted “least likely to create a food blog” by everyone who knew me. Up until my sophomore year of college I had a pretty bland food pallet. I would not be caught dead with dressing on my salad, anything other than ketchup on my hamburger, and my favorite sandwich was ham and lettuce. I would never have even touched a potato chip that wasn’t original flavor.

Thank goodness I realized how delicious and FUN food is! One of my favorite things to do is cook and these days I will literally try anything (at least once!).

This blog will hopefully bring inspiration to want-to-be-foodies like me which means I will be posting a variety of different things from simple dinners to fancy cupcakes to party favorites and even digging up some old recipes from my grandma’s cookbooks.

AND because my life wouldn’t be complete without my 1 year old Keeshond, Murphy, neither would my blog (@murphythekees) :


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